Learn about the benefits of Electric Mobility

Learn about the benefits of Electric Mobility

Companies are currently looking for different ways to mitigate environmental impacts caused by their daily operations and, depending on the sector, the levels of contamination can vary.

However, for a company to generate value, the product or service must go through a supply chain that goes from the extraction of the raw material to the final product or service. In this case, mobility solutions play a very important role since they are means by which each stage of product or service is connected.

Having mentioned this, we can conclude that services or means of transport have a great impact on the environment due to emissions generated by conventional engines, emissions that contribute to problems such as climate change. For this reason, it’s necessary to look for more sustainable alternatives with the environment, as is the case with electric or hybrid vehicles.

Learn about the benefits that electric mobility has for your company below.

  1. Contributes to the environment: Electric vehicles do not need fuel to work because their motor is capable to convert the energy of a battery into mechanical energy without emitting harmful gases. Similarly, the electric motor has an almost imperceptible sound, reducing noise pollution.
  2. They are “saving” vehicles: by having fewer auto parts than conventional vehicles, they do not consume refrigerants or fuel, the maintenance cost is reduced.
  3. The use of energy per mileage has a lower price than its spent using fuel. In addition, these vehicles take advantage of kinetic energy produced during braking to partially recharge the battery.
  4. Fast and constant acceleration, since they can travel from 10 to 100km/h in a few seconds.

Electric mobility is already a reality in Peru and in the last year the sale of hybrid vehicles has increased. If you want your business to take a step towards more sustainable mobility, you can contact us at [email protected] or by filling out the form in this note.


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