Why is Operational Leasing more profitable for your business?

Why is Operational Leasing more profitable for your business?

Poor fleet management can cause companies to incur additional costs and extra effort, so it is important that they have the support of professionals who can optimize it. However, there are still doubts as to how cost-effective this service is.

To begin with, one of the main solutions to meet mobility needs is Operational Renting. This is a comprehensive long-term vehicle leasing service that includes the necessary equipment according to the type of operations of your business and generates savings in time and money for companies that opt for this option, since the lessor is in charge of the administrative and operational management of the units.

Why do companies need vehicles?

Companies must be in constant movement to keep growing and it is important to define what type of vehicle to use (SUV, sedan, pick up or mini van) according to their needs and to have the right support to avoid problems that could stop their operations. Having a vehicle fleet facilitates the transfer of the sales force, the mobility of managers and executives, the mobility of personnel, the supervision of jobs that are difficult to access, the delivery of merchandise, the transfer of tools and equipment, surveillance, etc. However, these require specialized care, which can affect your company’s profitability due to the cost overruns that can be caused by inadequate management.

Why choose Operational Renting?

By having its own fleet, the company must assume different costs in addition to the fee paid for the purchase of vehicles. These are: vehicle insurance, corrective and preventive maintenance, personnel to manage your fleet, tires and the necessary equipment for each operation.

In addition, there are additional expenses such as: interest generated by the financing with the bank, vehicle taxes, vehicle depreciation, advertising and management expenses to sell the vehicles that you will no longer use, since they have a life cycle and must be constantly renewed to avoid accidents or more costly maintenance.

In addition to the money, companies must invest time in activities dedicated to fleet management such as: maintenance control, reports on the condition of each unit, search for workshops for the maintenance of the units, procedures in case of fines, procedures for the purchase of vehicles, procedures for the renewal of vehicles, procedures for the sale of old vehicles, etc.

As you can see, having your own fleet implies additional expenses in time and resources for maintenance and renewal management, which can be very high if not properly managed.

With Operational Renting, your company only has to pay a fixed monthly fee that covers the services necessary for your vehicles to be 100% operational, reducing to the maximum the variable costs of the fleet and freeing you from interest, debt and bank formalities.

As it is not an asset of the company, you do not have to pay vehicle taxes and the leasing company will take care of all the administrative issues of your vehicle fleet with expert personnel in the administration and management of fleets.

Renting allows you to optimize resources and reduce costs so that your company can continue to grow and make better profitability projections. If you want to learn more about this service and quote fleets for your business, you can contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form in this note.

Remember that the most important thing is that you can focus on the core of your business. If you want to know more about the advantages of renting, click here. Still don’t know the difference between renting, leasing and purchasing, click here to learn more.

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